Modded GameBoy Color w/ IPS Display (The Great Wave)

Modded GameBoy Color w/ IPS Display (The Great Wave)

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I personally made this custom Gameboy! I saved an old, broken GameBoy from its doom and turned it into a beautiful modded Game Boy! That means you can play all of your favorite Game Boy games on a beautiful, IPS screen! I do all the work for you so you can start playing as soon as you get your hands on it!

Important Info:

This handheld has been modified with an IPS LCD!

The console's shell may have some minor imperfections because they are used handhelds. All minor imperfections will only ever be aesthetic and will never affect gameplay or structural integrity. All possible blemishes will be clearly visible in the pictures so look at all pictures before purchasing!

Since this is a GameBoy Color, this means you CANNOT play Gameboy Advance games. Original GB and GBC games ONLY!

Games are NOT included! I am not legally allowed to sell games with this console as they are not my property!

Batteries are NOT INCLUDED for shipping/corrosion reasons!

I will only accept returns if it arrives broken!