Game Boy Macro (White and Black)
Game Boy Macro (White and Black)
Game Boy Macro (White and Black)
Game Boy Macro (White and Black)

Game Boy Macro (White and Black)

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I personally made this custom Gameboy Macro! I saved an old, broken DS Lite from its doom and turned it into a beautiful Game Boy Macro! That means you can play all of your favorite Game Boy Advance games on a beautiful, back-lit screen! Not only that, this form factor gives you a more comfortable way to play GBA games! You can only achieve this mod by soldering a resistor to the motherboard which can be a difficult task and requires some expensive equipment! That is why I am selling these! I do all the work for you so you can start playing as soon as you get your hands on it!

Important Info:

The console's shell may have some minor imperfections because they are used handhelds. All minor imperfections will only ever be aesthetic and will never affect gameplay or structural integrity. All possible blemishes will be clearly visible in the pictures so look at all pictures before purchasing!

The touch screen may not work because it's not necessary to play GBA games! However, there may be some minor scratches on the digitizer because these are made from used DS Lites (scratches may vary so look closely at all pictures because I will not accept returns related to scratches!)

Since these are made from DS Lites, that means you CANNOT play original Gameboy or Gameboy Color games. GBA games ONLY!

Games are NOT included! I am not legally allowed to sell games with this console as they are not my property!

Stylus' are NOT INCLUDED because they are not necessary to play GBA games.

Charging cables are included! 

DS Game slot may not work! Since it is not necessary to play GBA games, I do not make sure that every DS Card Slot works. If you do want to make sure that the DS Card Slot is working so you can use something like an R4 card, feel free to message me and I will check for you!

There are NO SPEAKERS in this console! However, if you do want game sound, the headphone jack is still a possibility!

I will only accept returns if it arrives broken!